About this Site

oklahoma biological survey

The objective of this website is to provide a source for the amateur or professional biologist interested in identifying moths in Oklahoma. Available on this website are the Hodge number, species name and collection site and date, and images for each record .

Eventually it is planned to include host plants, genitalia, DNA
information, a photo of the larvae and degree day emergence
information. The information provided here should be useful to farmers,
ranchers, foresters, wildlife biologists, teachers, students, and
health workers.

Numerous sources for this site include active collecting throughout the state, photos and specimens from institutional collections and many random specimens and incidental or accidental encounters. Most of the active collecting was done with the use of mercury vapor lights, UV lights and baits.

We hope this project will help increase the knowledge of the diversity and distribution of moth species in Oklahoma.

Contact Us

If you want to help identify one of the moths of Oklahoma, do not hesitate to contact one of the maintainers of this project:

Rex Moore: alumrmoore@usao.edu

Dr. Mike Mather: facmathercm@usao.edu

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